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Windshield Repair in St. Joseph, Missouri

I Come to You, St. Joe, Missouri

The sound of a rock smacking against your windshield is one that none of us like to hear! So what do you do if you are driving along I-29 and it suddenly happens to you? Call KC Windshield Repair and I will come to you and seal that rock chip up to prevent it from cracking further and forcing you to replace your valuable windshield!

Windshield repair preserves your original factory seal, saves you from spending your deductible on a full replacement (most insurance waives the deductible for windshield repairs), and gives you the peace of mind that once it's fixed, it can't crack! 

  • Best value, best price in St. Joe.
  • Usually free (deductibles waived).
  • I work with your insurance.
  • Fully insured for your protection.

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I come to St. Joe every other week just to fix rock chips in windshields. Drop me a line and I can help you with any information you need or set you up with a free windshield inspection to let you know if your glass can be repaired instead of replaced!

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  • St. Joseph
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