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Windshield Repair for Fleets and Dealers

Regular, Dependable Service

Most business managers and fleet operators don't have time to think about tracking down a rock chip repair service every time one of their employees reports a new ding in the glass. If I service your account, count on a monthly checkup automatically at a set time each and every month.

Free Repair Demo

Click below to schedule a free demonstration windshield repair on the house. I'll show what I can do for you on a regular basis!

Fleet Pricing

I will meet any price from the competition. Show me an invoice and I'll show you better. Click below to schedule an appointment and I will share my volume pricing with you. Actually more affordable than using your own staff to perform the work, and you're getting the benefit of a specialist!


Cars, trucks, vans, service vehicles, RVs, buses, you name it.

Warrantied Work - My Promise of Excellence

Work is guaranteed never to crack or your money back on the original repair. No questions asked. This warranty will expire with the change of ownership of this vehicle and will become void should damage or breakage occur due to accident, theft, or vandalism. 

Let's Talk!

Let me know the best day and time to meet and I'll be there.

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