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About Me


My name is Mike Peregrine (yep, just like the falcon). I grew up in northwest Missouri and moved to Kansas City in 2006. I started doing windshield repair as a side job while living in North Carolina in 1997. The originator of the industry (Novus) had recently lost the patent they had on windshield repair technique since the early 1970s and other manufacturers started creating their own tools and training people how to use their kits and resins. I bought one and learned from the manufacturer how to perform the repairs, and then practiced a ton, at first on friends and family, and then on customers. In the early 2000s I had a tent location for a time where I performed on-site repairs for people on weekends. During all of this time I remained in my original career working as a paralegal and have worked in a variety of both large and small law firms in various capacities. 

Why auto glass?

I like the variety this profession adds to my life, the people I meet, and the opportunity to get outside and work as opposed to sitting behind a desk all day. It provides the perfect balance in my professional life and I've always loved doing it! I see it as something that really benefits people, and an opportunity to educate them what can be done using modern technology.

Somewhere along the line it became personally important to me and I just found it enjoyable to make my customers happy, so that's always a goal. It also helps to stay progressive as I continually learn better techniques and best practices along the way. Let's face the facts ... I don't know of anyone who particularly enjoys the process after a rock hits their windshield of having to deal with insurance and find someone who is able to fix the damage, so my goal is to just make this process as easy as possible for you, maybe even a positive experience by the time it's all said and done. Thanks for reading!