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I'm Mike, and I have 20 years experience in fixing rock chips and cracks. I know a few tricks to restore strength and clarity to your damaged auto glass while preserving the original factory seal. The original urethane seal on your glass is always the best, and can never quite be replaced. When glass is replaced, that seal is broken and the risk of water and air leaks increases. Plus many replacement windshields can't match O.E.M. quality. Thousands of windshields are wasted in the garbage dumps and trash heaps of the world every year!


I'll Guarantee It

I provide a lifetime guarantee on my work to ensure your peace of mind. I can do this because once the break in your glass has been sealed, the risk of that chip ever cracking is reduced to virtually nothing. If the original rock damage ever does crack for some reason, you will receive a no-questions-asked refund. How will the repair look? It depends on the type of break, its age, and whether contaminants are present. The point of repair is to secure the glass from cracking, so any restoration of clarity is an added benefit!


Windshield Repair Cost

Get a quick quote by filling out the contact form below. Fixing windshield chips preserves the original seal, makes your car safer, and is a fraction of the cost of replacement, so insurance companies offer 100% payment (deductible is waived). Due to the cost and risk associated with replacement, they prefer to fix chips before they crack. Call me to find out how your insurance handles glass claims. Or, if you prefer to pay for it yourself, I have one of the most affordable rates in Missouri or Kansas! Mobile service is offered without any additional charge.

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Service Areas

  • Kansas City Metro
  • Gladstone
  • Liberty
  • Independence
  • St. Joseph
  • Northwest Missouri
  • Northeast Kansas

Fleet Pricing

Fleet owners, car dealers and businesses that operate with ten or more vehicles qualify for special fleet pricing. Call me for a quote and I will throw in a free repair to demonstrate my work. Dependable, regular windshield inspections for your business.

Auto Glass Repair Should be Simple

  1. Call us.
  2. We work with your insurance.
  3. We fix the glass chip in minutes.

Fully insured for your protection.

How long will it take?

Most repairs are completed in about 15-20 minutes and can be done while you wait, or while you are at work or at home. Absolutely anywhere!

Why not wait for it to crack and then replace my auto glass instead?

Every time a windshield is chipped, it loses strength. It only takes the right weather conditions or temperature variations to cause any damaged glass to finally crack. If you wait to replace instead, then you 1) will have to pay your deductible out-of-pocket to fix it and 2) lose the original seal, risking greater damage to your vehicle. Think of rock chip repair as preventative maintenance for your glass.

Will my insurance rates go up?

Windshield repair is considered a no-fault claim. Fixing rock chips does not affect insurance rates for almost all carriers. I will contact your carrier with you and can confirm this prior to the repair if you want to make absolutely certain first.

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